Ready to get wasted?

Next level party experience with the most popular drinking board game worldwide! Million fans, 50 cards, one board, one mission: get waaaasteeed!

Drinking board game

We combined all the coolest drinking games together. Move around the board and do silly tasks … or drink!

Completely relentless

Light drinker or a shy person? We recommend you to move along, or skip some tasks. Drinkopoly will get you wasted (and embarassed) within minutes!

100% drunk and 100% fun

Enjoy 50 task cards (do or drink) and even more tasks on the board. Results? Always fun and something new, no matter how much you play it!


the blurriest game ever
A great party game to play when indulging some adult beverages with your friends. Up to six players can have unlimited fun by drinking and laughing together! 
The board and cards require fun tasks that will get more difficult the more you play!

Join more than a million fans playing Drinkopoly all over the world!
Price: £26.99
Includes: A Gameboard, 50 task cards, 6 pawns and 1 dice
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